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Vint Podcast Ep. 120: The Sparkling Revolution – Gusbourne’s Leadership in the English Wine Renaissance

This episode of the Vint podcast features an engaging interview with Laura Rhys, Head of Wine, and Mary Bridges, Head Winemaker at Gusbourne, a prominent English sparkling wine producer. Hosted by Billy Galanko and Brady Weller, the discussion delves into various aspects of Gusbourne and the uniqueness of English sparkling wine.

The guests share insights on the historical context of winemaking in England, emphasizing the evolution and innovation within the industry over the past 20 years. They highlight the significance of the English climate, soil, and winemaking techniques that contribute to the distinct character of English sparkling wines.

Laura and Mary discuss the challenges and excitement of working in a young but rapidly growing wine region. They also touch upon Gusbourne’s approach to viticulture, winemaking, and their dedication to producing high-quality vintage wines. The conversation covers the range of Gusbourne’s portfolio, including their core and experimental wines, and the importance of site-specificity in expressing the terroir.

The interview also explores the reception of English sparkling wine in the global market, particularly in the U.S., where Gusbourne has made significant inroads. Laura and Mary share their experiences and strategies in introducing Gusbourne’s wines to new audiences and highlight the growing interest in English sparkling wines worldwide.

Listeners are given a glimpse into the future of Gusbourne and the English wine industry, with discussions on aging potential, experimentation with winemaking techniques, and the exploration of new vineyard sites. The episode concludes with an invitation to visit Gusbourne’s estate in Kent, offering an enriching experience for wine enthusiasts interested in discovering the nuances of English sparkling wine.

Overall, this episode provides a comprehensive overview of Gusbourne’s contributions to the English sparkling wine scene, showcasing their commitment to quality, innovation, and the expression of their unique terroir.

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Key Moments:

00:41 Special Episode: Interview with Gusbourne’s Team

03:30 Diving into the History of English Wine

07:46 The Evolution of English Sparkling Wine

13:42 Gusbourne’s Journey and Impact on English Sparkling Wine

25:55 Exploring Gusbourne’s Wine Portfolio and Vineyard Practices

30:27 Exploring the Art of Vineyard Blending

31:29 The Intricacies of Harvesting and Fermentation

31:45 The Science Behind Sparkling Wine’s Bubbles

32:05 Climate’s Impact on Harvest and Wine Characteristics

33:43 The Craft of Selecting Yeasts and Aging Processes

35:38 Exploring the Landscape of English Sparkling Wine

37:04 The Evolution of Still Wine Production in England

38:41 A Visitor’s Guide to the Estate Experience

41:49 Trends and Preferences in the UK Wine Scene

43:48 Defining the Unique Style of English Sparkling Wine

46:28 Personal Wine Preferences and Future Aspirations

50:11 Innovations in Winemaking and Aging Techniques