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Ep. 124: From NBA Triumphs to Vineyard Dreams – Tony Parker and Channing Frye on Their Journeys into Wine

In this episode of The Vint Podcast, we dive into the wine journeys of Tony Parker and Channing Frye, two NBA champions who have found new success in the wine industry. Their stories, while unique, share a common theme of transition, passion, and a deep appreciation for winemaking.

Tony Parker discusses his move from basketball to viticulture, with a focus on his work with Chateau La Mascaronne and Maison Jeeper Champagne. He attributes his interest in wine to his European upbringing and emphasizes organic farming at Chateau La Mascaronne. Parker also touches on the historical significance of Maison Jeeper, linking it to World War II.

The episode then revisits a conversation with Channing Frye, originally aired two years ago. Frye, alongside Jacob Gray, talks about founding Chosen Family Wines, highlighting their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the wine world. Frye’s narrative illustrates his shift from sports to winemaking, emphasizing the importance of community and connection through wine.

The discussion covers various aspects of winemaking, from the art of blending to exploring new wine regions, emphasizing exclusive wine experiences. A key point in the episode is the focus on promoting diversity and inclusion within the wine industry, showcasing the efforts of Parker and Frye to make the wine community more welcoming.

Parker and Frye’s stories offer insight into the transformative power of pursuing passions beyond one’s established career. Their transition from the NBA to the wine industry is not just about changing professions but about following their interests and creating a more inclusive wine culture.

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Hero Photo Credit: Chateau La Mascaronne

00:25 Special Double Interview Episode: NBA Champions Turned Wine Enthusiasts

03:42 Exploring Tony Parker’s Wine Ventures: La Mascaronne and Maison Jeeper

24:39 Channing Frye: Transitioning from the Court to the Vineyard

34:17 Demystifying Wine: A Call for Inclusivity

35:31 Wine as a Gateway to Experiences and Connections

51:03 The Future of Wine: Emerging Regions and Varietals

01:01:41 Exploring the Art of Wine Blending

01:03:08 Discovering Unique Wine Regions and Their Surprises

01:05:38 Exclusive Wine Experiences and Their Impact

01:18:17 The Personal Touch in Wine Making and Business

01:24:33 Championing Diversity and Inclusion in the Wine Industry