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Vint Podcast Ep. 128: Top 9 Wine Essentials & Billy’s Balkan Travels

In the latest episode of the Vint podcast, hosts Brady and Billy Galanko dive into Billy’s recent wine exploration adventures in Croatia and Montenegro, coupled with a discussion on indispensable wine accessories. After traversing Croatian islands and navigating unexpected detours in Montenegro—including a visit to a winery potentially owned by an oligarch—Billy shared his rich experiences. His journey was marked by tasting new varieties and venturing into less-traveled vineyards, highlighting the diverse wine profiles of the region.

Billy’s travels allowed him to uncover unique grape varieties such as Plavac Mali, Pošip, and the rare Grk, providing listeners with insights into the distinctive viticulture of the Balkans. His encounters with steep vineyards and tastings in both renowned and secluded wineries painted a vivid picture of the region’s wine landscape.

Focusing on wine essentials, the hosts discussed their must-have tools and accessories that enhance their wine-drinking experiences. These include the use of Saran Wrap by Brady to protect wine labels from humidity and handling, the importance of a reliable corkscrew with Billy recommending a specific waiter’s corkscrew for its quality and affordability, and the necessity of a wine fridge to maintain ideal storage conditions. They also highlighted the Durand corkscrew for removing older or fragile corks, wine luggage for safe transport, a decanter for aerating young or reductive wines, and the revolutionary Coravin system which allows wine to be poured without removing the cork, preserving its quality over time. The right wine glass, especially those with a thin lip and suitable bowl size for effective swirling, was also deemed essential.

The episode seamlessly mixed travel anecdotes with practical advice, offering listeners both escapism and useful tips to elevate their own wine experiences. As they wrapped up, the anticipation for the next episode was set with the promise of an interview with renowned wine geneticist Jose Villamoz. Whether a novice or a seasoned oenophile, this episode of the Vint podcast was packed with valuable insights and entertaining stories, making it a must-listen for wine lovers everywhere.

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00:22 Reunion: Back from Travel and Paternity Leave

01:10 Billy’s Wine Tasting Journey in Montenegro and Croatia

01:40 Discovering Unique Wine Varieties and Experiences

02:05 An Adventurous Journey to a Montenegrin Winery

09:05 Exploring Croatian Wine Regions and Varieties

17:06 Wine Accessories and Gadgets: Must-Haves for Enthusiasts

22:35 The Importance of a Good Wine Fridge

25:40 Elevating Your Corkscrew Game

28:17 Wine Transportation: Bags and Luggage

32:29 Choosing the Right Wine Glasses

36:21 The Utility of a Wine Bottle Chiller

38:20 Decanting: A Must for Wine Lovers

41:02 The Revolutionary Coravin System

46:13 Final Thoughts and Upcoming Interview